Victor Bernstein

Board Member

Victor Bernstein first came to the Wood River Valley in 1993 to ski with his family. It was love at first sight.

He and his family have been coming from his home in New York City, ever since, to the home they built in Ketchum, winter and summer, skiing, angling, and hiking. He spendslong stretches of time in the Valley since his retirement as general counsel of a satellite operating company, and from his role as CEO of a water purification project in Rwanda in conjunction with the government of Rwanda, the UNDP, and the Swedish Energy Agency.

He learned about the Wood River Land Trust from his very good friend and former boardmember, a mainstay of the Land Trust, Barbara Thrasher. He joined the board in 2020.“Joining the board and participating closely with the Land Trust is something is something I have wanted to do probably since first hearing about the Land Trust and all the wonderful projects it undertakes to keep our Valley special and splendid. Not only does it help keep it that way, but it works hard to improve it. There is so much that the Land Trust does to preserve and sweeten the experience of all who inhabit or visit our Valley.”