Gifts of appreciated securities are simple to make, can have an immediate impact on nature and may also provide you with significant tax benefits. A gift of securities is fully tax deductible at its market value at the time of your contribution.

To make a gift of stock to the Wood River Land Trust:

Contact your stockbroker. Your stockbroker can make a direct electronic transfer of your stock certificates to the account of the WRLT with the following information:


DTC #0062
For the Benefit Of: Wood River Land Trust Company
Brokerage Account Number: 17790967
Please provide Donor name and cost basis.

Give your stockbroker Wood River Land Trust’s taxpayer identification number: 82-0474191

Please provide WRLT with the name of the security, the number of shares to be donated, and the name and phone number of your stock broker.

Notify Courtney Jelaco, at the Land Trust of the transfer so that she can properly credit you as your name will not be with the wire of securities.  Courtney can be reached by calling (208)788-3947 or via email at