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Our People

Wood River Land Trust relies on people in our community for a variety of resources, including providing advice and counsel on issues related to our mission. The volunteers who serve on our Board and Advisory Council help steer our organization toward success. We truly appreciate all those who serve.


Board Member

Headshot of Victor Bernstein
Headshot of Kathleen Bean

Board Member

Board Member

Headshot of Trish Klahr
Headshot of Nick Miller

Board Member

Board Member

Headshot of Bob Ordal

Board Member

Headshot of Gayle Stevenson

Board Member

Headshot of Dave Perkins
Headshot of Jeffrey Seely

Board Member

Board Member

Headshot of Jim Barnes

Past Chair

Headshot of David Woodward

Board Member

Headshot of Jim Speck


Board Member

Headshot of Jeff Johnson


Board Member

Headshot of Elise Lufkin


Board Member

Headshot of Mary Bachman



Executive Director

Headshot of Amy Trujillo

Director of Donor Relations

Headshot of Courtney Jelaco
Headshot of Keri York

Lands Program Director

River Program Director

Headshot of Rory McCaffrey

Community Planning Director

Headshot of Cece Osborn

Land Protection Specialist

Headshot of Chad Steosz

Office Administrator

Headshot of Erin Dorr

Restoration Specialist

Headshot of Jori McCune
Headshot of Brandee Smith

Finance & Operations Manager

Stewardship Coordinator

Headshot of Ben Majsterek

Development Associate

Headshot of Meghan Christie holding her dog Jolene

Field Assistant

Headshot of the office dog Winston


  • David Anderson

  • Ed Cutter 

  • Ranney Draper

  • Susan Flynt

  • Jack Kueneman

  • Kathie Levison

  • Sue Orb

  • Rebecca Paton


Vector image of a cherry blossom

Join Us to Preserve and Protect

Our members make up an incredible community of people who care deeply about protecting the wild spaces and happy places that make our Valley so special. As a member of the Land Trust, you'll protect critical land, keep trails open, restore our river and streams, help students enjoy the wonders of nature, and make sure these iconic landscapes are open for everyone to enjoy.

Become a member today, and make a difference right here in your community

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