River Education

The Wood River Land Trust strives to educate the general public about how they can keep fish healthy while enjoying the unparalleled beauty of fishing the Big Wood and its tributaries. From being mindful while fishing in a drought, to learning how to recognize a Redd (or spawning bed), we know that education is the first step in working as a community to keep our fishery healthy.

River Restoration

Have you wondered why we need restoration on the Big Wood River?  Have you wondered what the different techniques are for restoring the river, and reconnecting tributaries?  This YouTube Video gives a comprehensive look at historic practices on the Big Wood River, what effects they've had, and how we can bring back as much natural fluvial processes to the river as possible today.

Watch it here: 

River Restoration

Understanding Why We Need Restoration at the Howard Preserve

Understanding River Restoration Elements: What is a Boulder Cluster Formation?

Understanding River Restoration Elements: What is an Apex Jam Structure?

Spring Topics

Recognizing a Redd

Fishing is suspended from April 1 through Memorial Day weekend to allow for spawning fish. Walking the banks of the river to see if you can catch the fish spawning is a favorite past time here at the Wood River Land Trust! This video can help you identify a Redd and understand the fish dynamics in and around the Redd.

Setting up for opening weekend with Susanne Connor

Opening weekend is an exciting time here in the Wood River Valley, so we sat down to chat with Susanne Connor of Lost River Outfitter to answer all of your questions! She talks about everything from where to access the river, how to know when and where you can keep the fish you catch, and (of course) how to rig your rod for success. Have a great opening weekend on the Big Wood!

Summer Topics

Fishing during a drought

During the summer of 2020, we saw low water levels and high valley temperatures - a hard combination for fish to thrive through. In this video, we give you tips and tricks to keeping fish healthy while fishing during a drought and heat wave.