Trout Friendly Program

Since 2007, the Wood River Land Trust has been working with local homeowners, businesses, HOAs, and municipalities to implement landscaping that keeps our rivers clean and our local fish populations healthy.

What is Trout Friendly?

How we care for our gardens, lawns and landscapes directly affects the health of our river, fishery and aquifer. Help us protect these limited and valuable resources and build community awareness on protecting our water.

The Trout Friendly program promotes simple (or advanced) steps to create attractive landscapes that promote water and soil health. It’s free to join the and you’ll receive invitations to soil and water workshops, seminars, home tours, and a free lawn sign to display your support of the program.

The Trout Friendly Program:

  • Reduces water use
  • Reduces or eliminates the use of synthetic fertilizers and herbicides
  • Includes native and drought-tolerant plants

Certify your Landscape Trout Friendly

  1. Review the form, printable version click HERE (PDF)
  2. Choose your level: Basic, Silver or Gold.
  3. Register online or mail in the printable form:
    119 East Bullion Street
    Hailey, ID 83333
  4. Wood River Land Trust will contact you to schedule a visit and certify your landscape.
  5. Proudly post your Trout Friendly sign!

Register Online

Join the Trout Friendly Program


All Membership levels receive a subscription to the monthly TF newsletter which has informative information on how you can become more TF and has links to local and national articles related to the program’s BMP. Also you will get inclusive invites seminars by landscape professionals and updates on Wood River Land Trust projects!





Find out more about the benefits that the Trout Friendly Program can have for you, and some great tips on how to implement the program in your landscape.

Download the Water Conservation Landscaping Best Practices

Download a list of Drought Tolerant Trees, Shrubs, and Grasses For The Wood River Valley

Trout Friendly Partners

These local businesses are an amazing resource for when you are looking to implement the Trout Friendly Best Management Practices into your own landscape! Our business partners range from nurseries where you can purchase native and waterwise plants, to full service landscape companies that will help maintain your yard in alignment with your own Trout Friendly ideals. We value these businesses' commitment to keeping our fisheries healthy! In addition, we are proud to partner with local municipalities and homeowners associations to advocate for Trout Friendly Best Management Practices on a broad scale.

Business Partners

Do you want to install a Trout Friendly, low water irrigation system? Are you looking to swap some of your landscaping plants out for Trout Friendly Natives? Do you have plans to overhaul your whole yard and need some landscape design advice? Look no further than these local businesses and firms! They are well versed in our Trout Friendly Best Management Practices, and are the first people you should call for advice, help, and products.

Municipal and Nonprofit Partners

Homeowner's Associations

While we can all make changes on an individual level, our HOA partners are taking things a step further by implementing the Trout Friendly Best Management Practices to whole housing associations. If you belong to a HOA and would like them to consider implementing the Trout Friendly Best Management Practices in your community, have them call us at (208) 788-3947 to find out more.

We would like to thank

Thanks to Thunder Spring Condominium Owners Assn, Inc.

We would like to thank Thunder Spring Condominium Owners Assn, Inc.for their longtime commitment to implementing the Trout Friendly Best Management Practices in their community!