Porcupine Creek Preserve is part of a Pioneer Mountains migration corridor used by elk and mule deer to travel between higher-elevation Forest Service lands and lower-elevation Bureau of Land Management and private properties. The Preserve’s habitat also supports beavers, black bears, migratory songbirds, moose, Wood River sculpin and several species of grouse.

Protection of the property now provides connectivity with neighboring BLM lands, which have been designated as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern to protect sensitive wildlife resources.

Preserve Details

Acres Protected

Getting There

To get to the Porcupine Creek Preserve head to Quigley Drive.  Continue past the dirt parking lot along Quigley Canyon Road/NF-115.  Stay on Quigley Canyon Drive/NF-115 for about 13.5 miles at which point it takes a left and becomes NF-067/Porcupine Rd.   This is a rough, seasonal drive, and we recommend a high clearance/4wd vehicle.

This is an "Access Yes!" property