Preserve Croy Canyon

The news just broke, and we wanted you to be the first to know - the Wood River Land Trust is working with YOU to preserve Croy Canyon!

We are so grateful for our community who showed up during the weeks-long public process to make your voices heard.  After hearing from a wide cross section of our community and listening carefully to all of your comments, we are launching the campaign to preserve this piece of open space.  

This special piece of land, right next to our Simons/Bauer Preserve is important for migrating wildlife, for the restoration of the Simons/Bauer wetland and the Big Wood River, and will give our community new opportunities to immerse in nature close to home.

Now is our chance.  Now is the time to come together as a community to stand for our shared values of open space for all, wildlife corridors, and preserving our unique community character.

Will you stand with us and donate today to preserve Croy Canyon?