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2024 Wildlife Vehicle Collision Subcommittee

Updated: Jun 28

The Wood River Valley community cherishes the beautiful and abundant wildlife of its surrounding mountains and watersheds. The valley itself is a wildlife corridor, yet us humans have settled in it. The human impact on habitats in the Wood River Valley is undeniable, and will persist as long as the cities exist in the valley floor. To mitigate these impacts, coalitions like the Wood River Valley Wildlife Smart Communities, organize people to address the pressure points where human activities negatively impact wildlife.

One area of concern is wildlife vehicle collisions (WVC) along State Highway 75. Read through the following drop-down sections in order to understand the history of mitigating WVC on the highway, the current context of highway projects, and what mitigation measures may be feasible and successful in our valley.

Background on SH75: 2008-2013

Status of SH75 Projects

Exploring Measures to Mitigate Wildlife Vehicle Collisions

2024 Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Subcommittee


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