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Nexus Study: New Development, Employee Generation & Housing Needs

Updated: May 8

Background information: The Wood River Land Trust Community Planning program partnered with the Blaine County Housing Authority to coordinate an update to the 2002 Blaine County Residential Job Generation Study.

Purpose: The update will study the nexus between new development, employee generation and housing needs. It will answer the question-- how many employees are generated for every square foot of new commercial or residential development in the County? New residential and commercial uses may generate a need for new employees, who work in a County that is already housing stressed.

The study will help the community and land use planners better understand the impacts of new development on community housing needs, plus inform community housing incentives in zoning regulations.

Status: The study methodology and preliminary results are under review by the local governments. The final results will be made available to the public this summer.


Still curious? We encourage you to read about the nexus study conducted for Teton County, Idaho. The study exemplifies a known concept in Gateway and Natural Amenity Region (GNAR) communities-- the housing market often responds to buyers from outside the community, subsequently driving up housing prices and cost of living in the locale.


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