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Barbara Farms I

Judy and Fred Brossy of Barbara Farm have gone beyond simply using organic practices to protect the natural and agricultural landscape. Between 2005 and 2007, they facilitated two conservation easements on their farm, totaling 534 acres of prime farmland, rangeland, wildlife habitat, and wide open space. Barbara Farm provides seasonal homes for a number of wildlife species that require sagebrush for survival, including Greater Sage-Grouse. It also ensures that animals can roam freely between the proposed wilderness areas on public land adjacent to Barbara Farm and the Little Wood River. Barbara Farm’s wild denizens include birds of prey, mule deer, songbirds, upland game birds, and a variety of small mammals. Prevention of residential development will permit limited grazing to continue, maintain scenic views, support native pollinators, and avoid potential conflicts between different uses on the land. Preserving these farmlands also ensures communities in the Wood River Valley and beyond can continue to enjoy delicious local produce.

A golden brown field lit up by the sun with scattered hay bails all around it with large trees and a greenhouse in the background
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