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About Us

We must act now to recommit to the vision of this amazing place we call home. Our decisions will determine what our community will be like, not just now, but for future generations. 

Since 1994, the Land Trust has been a growing and dynamic presence in the Wood River Valley, preserving and protecting the Big Wood River, its tributaries, and the treasured landscapes of central Idaho.  Working with a visionary community, we have preserved nearly 27,000 acres, created 16 open preserves and 41 conservation easements.  Together, we have celebrated places like the Hailey Greenway, Boxcar Bend, and Howard Preserve, where people can experience healthy activity, pristine waters and a sense of wonder.  With local families we have protected thousands of acres of working lands that conserve critical habitat for wildlife, preserve scenic views of our Valley, and contribute to our agricultural economy.   Private landowners and public partners have joined us as we restored miles of river frontage and wetlands.  Our preservation and restoration successes have protected many important open spaces that have made our Valley an incredible place to live, work, and play.

Today, the Land Trust is turning the challenges of increasing Valley growth into bold opportunities for community investment and engagement in a comprehensive vision for preserving the Wood River Valley.

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To protect and sustain the treasured landscapes and life-giving waters of the Wood River Valley and inspire love for this special place for generations to come.

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Retain the brilliance of the Wood River Valley by catalyzing and executing lasting acquisitions and programs that secure and nurture critical land, water and wildlife habitat in perpetuity.

  • Secure and protect the iconic Lands we all love.

  • Sustain the life-giving river we call the Big Wood.

  • Enable a community movement and stewardship for lasting impact.

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  • We conduct our work with integrity in words and actions, following through on our commitments and respecting the teamwork and diversity each person brings.

  • We seek solutions, are proactive and entrepreneurial while looking for opportunities in every challenge we face.

  • We are learners, committed to continual improvement and excellence while being open to new ways of thinking and approaches to our work.

  • We are intrinsically linked to the land, to the community, and to each other, recognizing our interconnectedness which makes us look to natural systems for solutions to problems.

  • We organize to make a lasting difference so that the Land Trust is everlasting and our work to create partnerships and win-win scenarios will make it so.

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Join Us to Preserve and Protect

Our members make up an incredible community of people who care deeply about protecting the wild spaces and happy places that make our Valley so special. As a member of the Land Trust, you'll protect critical land, keep trails open, restore our river and streams, help students enjoy the wonders of nature, and make sure these iconic landscapes are open for everyone to enjoy.

Become a member today, and make a difference right here in your community

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