Nick Miller

Board Member

  • Retired Attorney
  • Optimistic Communitarian
  • Every Day Adventurer

Nick is a partner with Best Best & Krieger LLP. He has represented local governments and non-profits around the country and in the District of Columbia in telecommunications projects, transactions, federal legislation and regulation. Nick served five years in the US Navy, including 15 months of combat in Vietnam (awards include the Purple Heart and Silver Star). A graduate of the University of Washington, with a B.S. in Economics and a J.D. in law, he served on the staff of the US Senate and as a consultant to the Executive Office of the President in the`70s. Nick has also long been an active leader in Trout Unlimited.

“Sylvia and I moved full-time to the Wood River Valley in 2015, after coming regularly every year on vacation since 1984. This community is gifted with natural and human resources which are stunning to observe and fun to experience. We owe everyone’s grandchildren and their grandchildren the right to enjoy this place and its values. I joined the Land Trust to help preserve this legacy for all who come after us.”