December 14, 2020

Preserve Croy Canyon with a Conservation Easement

The Wood River Land Trust and the City of Hailey are working together to preserve Croy Canyon.  Click here to download an information packet about this exciting addition to The Hailey Greenway. 

Preserve Croy Canyon - Vision

After a lengthy public outreach process, reviewings lots of comments, and exploring all the options, we are excited to announce that the Wood River Land Trust and the City of Hailey are working together to preserve Croy Canyon.  The Wood River Land Trust has the opportunity to purchase a conservation easement on the Croy Canyon parcel - ensuring that this remains open space in perpetuity. The community brought their voice to the table through lots of meetings and open comment period opportunities, and the message was clear - preserve Croy Canyon!  Ensuring that this piece of land remains open space is critical for wildlife, is essential for the restoration of the Croy Canyon wetland and subsequently, the restoration of the Big Wood River. 

Preserve Croy Canyon - Timeline

Spring 2021: In January of 2021, the City of Hailey announced plans to apply for a grant to develop a campground on Croy Canyon Road, on City owned land, adjacent to the Wood River Land Trustís Simons/Bauer Preserve.  After hearing both concerns and support for the site of the potential campground, the City and the Land Trust hosted a series of public meetings, to discuss appropriate uses and amenities in the Croy Canyon corridor as an extension of the Hailey Greenway. Harmony Designs, the firm who facilitated the discussions around the Hailey Greenway Master Plan, led the public input process and presented their findings in a report to the Land Trust and the City in June of 2021.

Summer 2021: In August of 2021, the City of Hailey voted unanimously to work with the Wood River Land Trust to place a conservation easement on the Croy Canyon parcel.  The Wood River Land Trust began a fundraising campaign while City staff worked with WRLT program staff to place the property under easement.

Next Steps: Throughout the fall WRLT staff will be drafting the details of the conservation easement to ensure that the property is preserved.  We will be working with City staff and attorney to ensure that the details of the easement meet all of our shared goals.  Additionally, we will be doing an appraisal specific to the easement that we agree upon as partners, and that will then result in a final purchase price.  We will incorporate stewardship costs and ongoing site management to have our final fundraising goal by winter 2021.  Beyond that, we will be working on a shared management plan with the City of Hailey to ensure that we can manage the property in alignment with the goals of the Simons/Bauer Preserve.

Preserve Croy Canyon - Details


Preserve Croy Canyon - The Public Process

Harmony Design & Engineering facilitated the process and compiled the results of both meetings to include in an update to the Hailey Greenway Master Plan.  This report was presented to the Hailey City Council on June 14, 2021.  

To view the final presentation click here. To view a draft of the final report click here. Please note this is a DRAFT and will be finalized based on decisions to be made by the City of Hailey and the Wood River Land Trust.  The final document will be made part of the Hailey Greenway Master Plan.


Click here to make a donation to preserve Croy Canyon!!