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The Hailey Greenway Master Plan

Nestled within the trees and along the banks of the Big Wood River, the natural trails of the Hailey Greenway provide the community a refuge and a deep connection to nature. The Hailey Greenway is a place to walk your dog, to hear the river trickling over rocks, to meet friends, and to celebrate a loved one with a heart shaped stone. It is a special place that is physically very close to the bustling Hailey downtown, but experientially another world away. It is a place to be cared for and celebrated as described in this Master Plan so that it can continue to connect land, water, and our community for generations to come.

The Hailey Greenway includes lands along 1.5-miles of the Big Wood River from the Bullion Street bridge to the Colorado Gulch Road that are primarily owned or controlled by the Wood River Land Trust (WRLT) or the City of Hailey. The Greenway encompasses approximately 350 acres and includes two public parks, Lions Park and Heagle Park, as well as open space land owned by the City of Hailey and the Draper Wood River Preserve and the Colorado Gulch Preserve owned by the Wood River Land Trust. This continuous stretch of land that includes the riparian area of the Big Wood River is a tremendous asset to the community providing recreational opportunities for residents and visitors, habitat for wildlife, and space for natural floodplain function.

This Master Plan was developed collaboratively with the City of Hailey, the Wood River Land Trust, and the community, and it includes guidelines for future development and preservation of the Greenway, as well as prioritization of future projects. Other planning documents and studies that pertain to the Greenway include the Big Wood Geomorphic Assessment (Biota, 2016), the Hailey Parks, Lands & Trails Master Plan, the Hailey and Blaine County Comprehensive Plans, and others. This Master Plan is a living document and should be updated frequently as new information, plans, projects, or events unfold.


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