The Stream Alteration Permit (SAP) has been approved and construction could start as early as October 2020.

The final draft of the Big Wood River Atlas was posted in March and recommended our stream restoration project as it will remove rip-rap and restore natural channel processes to a reach that has been impacted by artificial confinement.

The last 8 months we have been working with the County on a conceptual design for a suspension bridge that would span most of the floodway. The proposed bridge would be approximately 500 feet in length and early estimates could be in the range of $1.2 to $2 million. The County is interested in pursuing this option since it is the ideal bridge for this area that would allow the natural fluvial processes to occur and provide access year round during most snow pack conditions. Funding would come from a combination of donations and grants. The County already has approximately $250,000 from a FEMA program for bridge construction. As this is the best bridge for to accomplish our goals, we realize that implementing a suspension of this size way be difficult.