Through a partnership with the Howard family, the City of Bellevue, and the Friends of the Howard Preserve, Wood River Land Trust protected 12.5 acres of Big Wood River floodplain in very close proximity to the City of Bellevue. The Howard family had owned the property since 1972, and with the desire to protect the property for the long-term as their focus, the partners worked together to secure grant funding and a conservation easement, which now protects the property in perpetuity.

Opportunities to increase the size of an urban preserve are rare, so the Land Trust was pleased to have the chance to do so in 2012 with a 1.38-acre land acquisition at the southern end of the Preserve.At just over an acre in size, the Preserve extension provides protection for additional Big Wood River floodplain.

The Howard Preserve continues to be a place that blends wildlife values, safe public access to the Big Wood River, and opportunities for education and community involvement with the land.

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Preserve Details

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Getting There

The Howard Preserve is located at 85 Martin Lane in Bellevue. To get there from downtown Hailey, head south on Main Street/Highway 75 for 4.7 miles. Take a right on Broadford Road followed by an immediate left onto Martin Lane. Follow Martin Lane past the big open parking lot to the small dirt parking lot at the end of the road. Keep an eye out for the signs directing you to the parking area!