Providing a stunning backdrop to Bellevue, Cow Catcher Ridge Preserve buffers development along Highway 75 from the vast expanse of BLM to the east. The scenic ridge is dominated by rock outcroppings and sagebrush-steppe communities, including several varieties of sagebrush and various native grasses.

This setting provides excellent habitat for many species of songbirds, game birds, deer, and elk, and incredible views of the Wood River Valley for those who make the effort to venture to the top.

About the Cowcatcher Ridge Trail

DISTANCE: 1.7 miles one way; 3.4 miles round trip

DIFFICULTY: Difficult - This trail gains over 1,500 feet in 1.7 miles

TRAIL SURFACE: Loose rock, uneven surfaces, packed dirt

ABOUT THE HIKE: Park at O'Donnell Park in Bellevue.  Head north out of the park, cross Slaughterhouse Road, and catch the trail by the home located at the toe of the hill.  NOTE: THE FIRST 2OO YARDS OF THIS TRAIL CROSSES PRIVATE PROPERTY.  KEEP YOUR DOGS ON LEASH, DO NOT LITTER, BE QUIET AND RESPECTFUL OF THE HOMEOWNERS.  After you pass the wooden sign, you are on the WRLT preserve.  Continue to follow the trail up the ridge to the summit.  This steep and rocky trail offers an extra bit of adventure as it requires a bit of scrambling over a few rocky outcroppings.  Don't let that deter you though!  The views from the summit are some of the best in the entire Valley.  This trail offers no shade, and the ascent is quite strenuous - we recommend this trail early in the spring when the temperatures are still cool!

Getting There

To get to the Cowcatcher Ridge Preserve, head to O'Donnell Park in Bellevue, Idaho.

This is an "Access Yes!" property