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A woman mountain biking on a mountain trail with baldy mountain in the background surrounded by greenery

Sellgren Trail Conservation Easement

While most of our trails are on our public Preserves (lands that we own) - we also work with landowners to place public access easements across private land.  Public access easements ensure that trails remain open to the public now, and for generations to come. One of the most iconic examples of a trail that is on a public access easement is the Sellgren Trail in the White Clouds Trail System in Sun Valley.

The Sellgren Trail came to be through a donation of a trail easement across private land by Elizabeth "Ricky" Bosted, a long time resident of Idaho. The family of Ricky's late husband, Dave Sellgren developed the Bigwood Golf Course. 

During the design of the White Clouds Trail, The Sun Valley Co. contacted Ricky about donating the easement for the trail, and that led her to the Wood River Land Trust.

At only .8 miles long, the Sellgren Trail easement ranks among the smallest projects Wood River Land Trust has undertaken. However, the small size does not equate to small importance. 

Chris Leman of Bigwood Backcountry Trails, which originally built the White Cloud trail, was thrilled when the deal was signed. "Permanent easements across private lands are a huge aspect of this project, allowing public access and trail connection for recreation," he said. 

As part of the deal and the responsibility of holding an easement, the Land Trust regularly monitors the property while the Sun Valley Company maintains the trail. To access the Sellgren Trail via the Sun Valley Companyís White Clouds Trail system, park at the Carolís Trailhead, and head out on the Valley View Trail.  As you wrap around the back of the trail system you will find the Sellgren's Trail section! 

By working together, the Wood River Land Trust, the Sun Valley Company, and the Sellgren family came to an agreement that has made the White Clouds Trail system a treasure for our whole community. 

If you would like to learn more about placing a conservation easement on your property, reach out to Keri York at or (208) 788-3947.



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